Tamara + Eddie

Redlands, CA

While every wedding is special to Sydney + me, we had more than a little extra attachment to Tamara + Eddie. For one thing, Tamara + Eddie hired us nearly a year ago, and they were actually our very first wedding clients! We always tell them they took a chance on us, but really, I don't think these things happen by accident.

Each table was named for a significant location in Tamara + Eddie's relationship. Their seating chart reads like a story of their journey together.

It was honestly a joy planning Tamara + Eddie's big day, and I think they were the perfect couple for our first clients. The four of us really bonded over late-night emails about invitations, a constantly running group text about everything from flatware to favors, and hours upon hours of meetings to make sure every minute detail was in place for the big day.

Even the basket for cards was special - the lace trimming the basket came from the bride's dress.

Speaking of details, it really is the smallest things that add up to the perfect day, and so it was with Tamara + Eddie's wedding. Immediately when you meet this couple, you get a sense of how overwhelmingly in love they are - from the endearments they use to refer to one another to the way they stare at each other when they think nobody is looking. That have-to-have-each-other passion radiates from Tamara + Eddie, and we really wanted to capture even a fraction of it in the details of their big day.

The view of the dinner tent that the happy couple enjoyed during their intimate meal together at their sweetheart table.

Every piece of the wedding was hand picked by Tamara, Eddie, Sydney, and me, and the couple wanted nothing more than for all their friends and family to feel a piece of their love on their wedding day. Love went into the invitations, the favors, the place cards, the table names, and even the guest book. Tamara + Eddie had so many unique elements to their ceremony and reception - it would be impossible to capture them all in one post. 

The bride + groom each chose one of their favorite things to send home with their guests. "Her" favor was a custom-blended tea the two made together.

We will be posting more about Tamara + Eddie's wedding in the days and weeks to come, but we're still so happy after the big day last Saturday that we had to give a few glimpses of all the loveliness. We already miss spending time with this amazing couple, but even as they headed out on their honeymoon, they sent us a sweet message to thank us for planning the wedding of their dreams. Sydney + I can't believe the very first wedding we started together is over, but that message was everything we needed!

Please forgive the quality of this photo, but we couldn't resist putting up a shot of us with the (incredibly) happy couple!

Happy planning!

- Jacquelyn Lanier, Founder/Co-Owner

All photographs in this post are courtesy of our incredibly talented friend + local photographer, Crista Downey. Please check out her work on her website!