Wedding Prep

Wedding prep is actually one of my favorite things about being a wedding and event planner! The last month before the wedding is full to the brim meeting with vendors, creating decor pieces, perfecting timelines to the minute, and making seating charts. Here are just a few of the final month must-dos:

  • Meeting with Vendors: Meeting with your photographer, officiant, florist, and band/DJ is an absolute must during the month before the wedding! One thing I've learned is that it's extremely helpful to sit down with your vendors to hammer out those mandatory "request lists" — whether they're your top 10 must-play songs or your essential must-have photos. Make sure you have a finalized timeline (I'll get to that) at these meetings to confirm your day-of schedule with everyone involved.
  • Wedding Decor: The month before your wedding is usually when everything kicks in to high gear, and that definitely includes finalizing all the decor! This is especially true if you're planning on saving some money by making decor pieces yourself. Leave plenty of time to get the details just right, and don't be afraid to ask for help from your friends and family members! Jacqui + I have been known to grab a couple of friends, some snacks, and a bottle of wine to get last-minute projects done before weddings, and we always have an amazing time!
  • Timeline: Trust me — you definitely don't want to skip making one of these, no matter how reliable or punctual everyone might be. I've witnessed first hand how one little glitch can create a mess and throw everything off for the rest of your big day. Make sure you account for all the moving parts in your timeline — vendor arrival and departure, setup, cleanup, and family member and wedding party times and locations. If this sounds like a daunting task, think about hiring a month, week, or day-of coordinator to help you make a comprehensive and realistic timeline.
  • Seating Chart: Most couples absolutely dread making a seating chart for their big day, but unfortunately, it's a necessary evil. Jacqui + I sit down with our clients to help them work through table assignments. We always suggest that couples give an RSVP deadline three to five weeks before the wedding date, so they have plenty of time to determine a final headcount and round up any stragglers.

Make sure you don't forget to make a beautiful display to help your guests find the seats you worked so hard to find for them!

This short list is far from a complete picture of all the responsibilities that need attending to during the last month before a wedding. Even if you've planned every detail to the letter, it can still be helpful to have some extra hands on deck as time winds down toward the big day. Consider hiring a month-of coordinator to keep all your plans on track and ensure that you have a smooth, beautiful, and stress-free wedding day!

Happy planning! 

- Sydney Patterson, Founder/Co-Owner