Giving Back - Event Planner Style

Here Sydney + I are with a few friends who so kindly volunteered at last year's Touch-A-Truck!

Hello again, blog readers! I wanted to post about something a little different today, since the blog has been pretty nonstop with weddings for a few weeks. Today, I wanted to write a bit about the way Sydney + I have been involved in one of the amazing local nonprofits in Redlands!

Since we both hail from beautiful Redlands, we feel compelled to give back to the community that gave us so much. We've been involved with many different local organizations here in town through our younger years, but I wanted to write today about one of the causes we've been passionate about since starting our business. Shortly after Cross + Swan was born, Sydney + I became involved with the Rotary Club of Redlands. If you aren't familiar with Rotary, we urge you to check out their website and get involved! 

We were very lucky to be able to help Rotary plan their first ever Touch-A-Truck event last June. We helped conceptualize and execute an art, craft, activity, and game center at the event, and it was a huge hit! The event itself was such a fun and different experience for kids of all ages around Redlands, and we were so happy to be involved.

Touch-A-Truck is planned for June 11th this year, and we're well underway planning for the big day! If you weren't lucky enough to be there last year, make sure you make it out on June 11th! We had over 1,600 participants last year, and we heard nothing but great things! So bring your kids, your friends, and your families, and come see the trucks, honk the horns, and light the lights! We can't wait for this year's event!

Happy planning!


Photos courtesy of the very talented Jocelyn Waner